"Within days of The VA Team answering our calls, we could see the remarkable difference in our bookings..." 
CASE STUDY - Headquarters Barber & Salon 

Tell us a little about yourself and your Business? * 

Headquarters Barber and Salon is based in Reading, Berkshire. Looking back 4 years now, we were having a few challenges with our full-time receptionist being regularly unwell or wishing to have days off and then to add to the mix, go on holiday. As a resulted I was finding myself and the team either missing calls or constantly been interrupted during appointments in the chairs. As the owner, I knew that if I wanted to grow my hairdressing salon and the barbers and ensure great customer services, I needed to invest in an inbound/outbound call handling service. 

What was the challenges you were facing with running your small business, that lead you to consider a Virtual Service? * 

The biggest challenge we also faced was still heading our way, Covid. After Covid, as small business both the barbers and salon did not have the budget for an in-house receptionist. I knew we were missing calls and revenue. As many of our clientele are seniors and being open 6 days a week, we needed to find someone that would provide seamless phone answering services, whilst entering the bookings onto the booking system. Hearing about the idea of outsourcing telephone call answering, I knew this would not only be a very smart move but would allow all of us in the barbers and the salon to provide amazing customers treatments and ensure we never missed a call again. 

With our Virtual Service, how did the service help you? * 

Within days of The VA Team answering our calls, we could see the remarkable difference in our bookings, our customer service rating went up and the phone was no longer ringing at our premises causing stress for the team to answer. Just knowing that all our customers were now getting the attention they deserved and were being well looked after made our business flourish. Firstly, it keept the costs down. Which after having to been close for all the lockdowns this was just what we needed. 

What was the results, return on Investment and future, by using The VA Team's services?* 

For us it was really all about making our customers feel like someone is always looking after them and never missing calls. The VA Team has gone over and above to ensure our customers journey from the start is professional and special. After looking at the figures, I could see within weeks there was a major uplift in the number of bookings. Over a course of a quarter our figures increase exponentially. During 2019 we were averaging 275 booking and a revenue of £7696 per month Within the first few months of The VA Team helping us, we were reaching 380 booking (105 more booking) and a revenue uplift to £9,107.00 which was an increase of £1,411.00 per month. 
Today we are averaging 457 bookings (200 more booking since the start of using The VA Team) per month and that brought an increase in revenue to £13,666.00 per month. (£5,970.00 per month more). From a return-on-Investment point, I can only say that with the support and assistance from The VA Team, my business has grown, for which I’m immensely grateful for and look forward to a long relationship with the team at The VA Team. 
At The VA Team, we love working with hairdressers and beauty salons. They are one of our favourite kinds of clients, simply because we get to answer lots of different kinds of call during the course of an average day. From bookings to rescheduling of appointments, we help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. Our team of receptionists are reliable and offer friendly communication between your growing hairdressing business and your customers. We offer tailored services to meet all your needs. The VA Team can use any telephone appointment booking system, such as Fresha, Phorest and Shedul, and answer calls under the client’s business name, thereby offering a seamless service to clients. 

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