"Having someone available to answer the phone during my absence has been incredibly helpful in the growth on my clinic......" 
CASE STUDY - Chris Tiley Physiotherapy 

Tell us a little about yourself and your Business?  

As a self-employed physiotherapist, I operate a busy clinic offering personalized, one-on-one care to patients. On a daily basis, I can see up to eight patients in person and provide pain relief treatment to help them achieve their physical goals. 
In addition to my professional pursuits, I'm a devoted father to my two-year-old son, whom I'm fortunate enough to care for two days a week and on weekends. 

What was the challenges you were facing with running your small business, that lead you to consider a Virtual Service?  

As a result of having back-to-back patient appointments throughout the day, I could not attend to phone calls from new inquiries. 
This resulted in a new enquiry being made in the morning and having to wait until the end of the day before I could respond. Throughout the day, I experienced anxiety because I knew that if I couldn't respond promptly, they might book with another local physiotherapist whose receptionist could answer the call instantly. 
Similarly, when I was at home, I found it difficult to concentrate on making follow-up calls as my son's background noise often distracted me. 
As a result, I waited until he napped or went to bed to return calls, causing me to feel stressed about the calls I needed to make rather than enjoying my time with him. 

With our Virtual Service, how did the service help you?  

Sincere investing in a clinic's virtual reception service it's been a real game-changer for my physiotherapy clinic. I was recommended to The VA Team by a fellow therapist colleague. Because of The VA Team’s comprehensive service, I have been able to focus on my patients while The VA Team handles all my incoming calls and manages my online booking system. The reception team is always available to answer inquiries and schedule appointments, ensuring that my clinic runs smoothly even when I am with patients. 
But that's not all – The VA Team has gone above and beyond by creating a personalized WhatsApp group between myself and the dedicated reception team members. This innovative approach means I can easily communicate with the team, even when I am busy with patients or dealing with unexpected family responsibilities. 
Recently, when my son fell ill, as you can imagine, this is stressful itself, but not only did I have to worry about my son, I had a clinic full of patients to worry about. I simply sent a message to the reception team, which embraced the challenge and started calling and cancelling all my appointments with grace and efficiency, allowing me to focus on my son. Sincere using the reception team, I have gained peace of mind and the freedom to prioritize my patients and family without sacrificing my business needs. 

What was the results, return on Investment and future, by using The VA Team's services? 

The ROI from utilizing The VA Team's services has been significant. By having a professional and reliable virtual receptionist to answer calls, the clinic has seen a reduction in lost enquiries and an increase in satisfied patients who can easily schedule or reschedule appointments. This has resulted in more revenue and has quickly offset the affordable fees charged by The VA Team. 
Furthermore, the service has positively impacted my work-life balance, allowing for increased focus on patient care and a more present home life. The experience has been so positive that I can’t see any other way than to continue utilizing The VA Team's services. Especially now that I’m thinking of expanding their service to include email management service. 
Overall, The VA Team has proven to be an invaluable asset to the clinic and is highly recommended. 
At The VA Team, we love working with physiotherapist and sport therapists. They are also one of our favourite kinds of clients, simply because we get to answer lots of different kinds of calls during the course of an average day. From bookings to rescheduling of appointments, we help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. Our team of receptionists are reliable and offer friendly communication between your clinic and your patients. We offer tailored services to meet all your needs. The VA Team can use any telephone appointment booking system, such as Cliniko, TM3, Powerdiary and Medesk, and answer calls under the client’s business name, thereby offering a seamless service to clients. 

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