Managing multiple clients, projects, and administrative tasks as a business coach can be overwhelming. 
Enter Virtual Assistants (VAs), the secret weapon for efficient time management and productivity enhancement. By delegating routine tasks to a virtual assistant (VA), business coaches can focus on what they do best – empowering clients and driving growth. 
In our latest case study, we explore how Mark van Rol, an award-winning business coach, transformed his business by leveraging the expertise of our Virtual Assistant. 
Discover how Mark's collaboration with us boosted his efficiency, improved client satisfaction, and ultimately led to his coaching business's exponential growth. 
Mark, tell us a little about yourself and your Business. 
I’m Mark Van Rol, and I began my business journey five years ago when I founded a business coaching company driven by a passion for supporting ambitious entrepreneurs in growing their ventures. As my business grew, I realised that my involvement in every aspect of the business was limiting my potential for expansion. 
I strategically shifted my focus towards delegation and outsourcing to overcome this bottleneck. I recognised that without delegating and outsourcing tasks, my efforts would become the main bottleneck for growth. 
What challenges did you face with running the small business that led you to consider a Virtual Service? 
When my business started growing, I drowned in administrative tasks like managing emails and schedules. I quickly realised that these tasks were taking up too much of my time and energy and needed to allow me to focus on what I was genuinely passionate about, adding value to my business. 
That's when I decided to bring on a virtual assistant as my Executive Assistant (The VA Team), and I was lucky enough to find Kenneth and his team at The VA Team. With their help, I was able to offload these non-core tasks and get back to doing what I loved. It was such a relief to have their support, and it helped my business continue to grow and thrive. 
With our Virtual Service, how did our service help you and your business? 
As a business coach, I cannot overstate the importance of the Virtual Service provided by The VA Team. Thanks to Kenneth and his dedicated team of Virtual Assistants, I can now focus on the tasks that matter most to me, such as finding and retaining clients. 
With their help, my business's administrative and support side runs smoothly and efficiently, giving me more time to work on the things that fuel growth. Gone are the days of endless email threads, confusing diary management, and frustrating scheduling mishaps. 
The VA Team has freed up countless hours, allowing me to work on my business instead of just in it genuinely. Thanks to their expert assistance, I can devote myself entirely to sales, marketing, and coaching, where I add the most value and find the greatest joy. The VA Team is integral to my business's growth and success, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. 
What would you say was the return on Investment and future plans using The VA Team's services? 
Since having partnered with The VA Team, I can attest to their services' remarkable return on investment. Their remarkable expertise and relentless work ethic have made them an integral part of my team, and I consider them a reliable partner. Their contributions have been invaluable to the success of my business, and I'm impressed with the significant progress we've made. 
Looking ahead, I am thrilled to continue working with The VA Team and have already set plans to increase their working hours in the upcoming months. I am continually identifying more areas where they can assist me, and I am confident that our partnership will continue to flourish. 
I am grateful for their unwavering commitment to my business and highly recommend them to anyone looking to scale up their operations. 
If you can relate to Mark Van Rol's story, partnering with The VA Team can help a business coach take their services to the next level by leveraging the team's expertise, efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. 
This collaboration will allow you to focus on the core competencies, ultimately leading to improved client satisfaction and business growth; then, now is the time to book a discovery call with us… who is making the virtually impossible, possible … virtually! 
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