As the holidays fade into distant memories and we embark on the second month of 2023, it's crucial for business owners to have their goals clearly defined and a plan in place to achieve them. 
Achieving these goals often requires dedicated effort and support, especially when organising and optimising key business processes like budgeting and forecasting. There are many resources available for business owners who may need help in this area, including hiring virtual assistants and/or virtual reception services for their operations and drive success. 
Many businesses use virtual assistants and/or virtual reception services to enhance operations and meet this year's goals. With the rise of remote work, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are turning to these solutions to stay competitive. 
Virtual Assistants and Virtual Reception Services are rapidly becoming popular tools for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to: 
• Streamline operations 
• Improve customer service 
• Reduce overhead costs 
In an increasingly remote work environment, virtual services provide SMEs with the flexibility and scalability they need to stay competitive in a fast-paced market. 
With virtual assistance services, businesses can outsource administrative tasks such as: 
• Scheduling appointments (Diary Management Services) 
• Managing emails (Email Management Services) 
• Managing zoom calls and meetings (Virtual Assistant Services) 
• Responding to customer inquiries (either via Virtual Assistant or Virtual Reception Services) 
• Scheduling of your social media (Social Media Support) 
Virtual reception services, on the other hand, offer businesses the ability to have a full-functioning virtual office with a live receptionist to handle: 
• Incoming calls and direct (transfer) them to the appropriate department or individual 
• Answering calls and taking a message for the team 
• Scheduling of patient appointments for your clinic 
This helps to present a professional image to customers, whether you are out of the office, seeing patients or customers or on holiday, that you are open, available, and ready to have a team member ready to help the callers. 
There are just too many benefits to both services, however, mainly allowing SMEs to save money on overhead costs such as salaries, PAYE, and equipment, as well as reducing the utilities and office rental. Today an in-house administration person costs, on average, between £1,800.00 and £2,250.00 per month, for them to be working 37.5 hours per month. However, realistically, it costs you a lot more per month. 
The one thing we try and make sure we give our customers with our virtual assistants and virtual receptionists is to ensure that the SMEs can enjoy the benefits of a full-functioning office without incurring the expenses of maintaining a physical location. This makes it easier for SMEs to grow and scale their businesses, as they can focus on delivering high-quality services to their clients. 
For example, a business may need to handle a spike in web traffic during the holiday season. It can quickly increase its usage of virtual web hosting services to accommodate this increased demand without investing in physical hardware. This type of scalability can help businesses save money and ensure they have the resources they need when they need them. 
The VA Team is a company that provides virtual assistance, virtual clinic reception, call answering and serviced accommodation guest management services to SMEs. With highly skilled virtual assistants and receptionists. We help businesses stay organised and provide excellent customer service, even while working remotely. 
Our virtual team is an effective and cost-efficient solution for SMEs looking to streamline their operations and provide excellent customer service. Whether you're looking to reduce overhead costs, improve productivity or provide a professional image to your customers, virtual services can help you achieve your goals. 
With The VA Team, you can be sure that you're working with a company with the experience and expertise to help you succeed. 
Book a free discovery call and discuss your goals and how, with our virtual team's assistance, we can help you blow those goals of 2023 out of the water. 
Either call us or speak to a live representative via our live website chat. 
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